Friday, 9 November 2012

FAQ - Part One

“What’s happening? When is it happening? Will Spintires support this? Will Spintires support that?”

Yes, we can hear you asking question… many questions, which is great! But it’s about time we created a FAQ for Spintires so that questions are not asked repeatedly.

  • Will Spintires support gamepads and steering wheels?

Yes, Spintires will support gamepads and steering when the full game is available. We believe that using a gamepad will bring the most enjoyment to the gameplay, but steering wheel support will be present. Of course that's up to you to decide though.

  • Okay, more specifically will Spintires support the Logitech G25/G27 steering wheel with clutch and gears?

It’s hard to say for sure that this time, but we will be working hard to incorporate such support.

  • Will the gamepad vibrate when I crash into trees and walls etc?

Of course! – It will also vibrate when you travel over rough terrain or when the truck is about to stall.

  • Stall? You can stall the truck?

Yes of course! – If you crash or drive through too deep water the truck can stall. It will also stall if you fail to use the clutch correctly (subject to G25/27 support).

  • If you can stall, it must mean you can start the engine again?

Yes, you will be able to turn off the engine and turn on the engine at any time.

  • Can you overheat the engine?

Yes, if you drive too “insanely” the truck can and will overheat. The radiator can absorb damage and thus reduce cooling effectiveness.

  • Will there be day and night cycles?

Yes, the game will gradually cycle through day and night time.

  • Will there be snow on the maps?

No. It would require a complete re-write of the physical behaviour of truck because snow is a different property of mud and would affect the truck in a different way.

  • Will there be truck trailers?

Yes there will be truck trailers, but only small ones.

That’s all for now, we will continue this FAQ in part two. We hope you enjoyed reading it!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Desktop Wallpapers

As requested by many of our fans, we present to you the official Spintires Desktop Wallpapers. Available to download in the following resolutions: 1920*1080, 1600*900 and 1280*720.

We are aware that the tire treads are facing the wrong way-around however this will be corrected for the in-game model.

Hope you enjoy!

Download Here (contains large files)

Preview images:

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Clear up some confusion

We've become increasingly aware that there is some confusion over the availability of Spintires, especially to new users. So this blog post is here to clear up this confusion as best we can.

Spintires is currently in development and is NOT available as a full game. But you can download a “beta demo” that is available on our website. This “beta demo” was produced so that we could enter it into the Intel® Level Up 2011 competition, which sadly we didn't win. Needless to say we did win two years before that, Level Up 2009.

Download beta demo

We don’t know when the full game will be released yet but we are trying our best to improve our technology and to come up with a stimulating game-play mechanic. We encourage you to follow our developments on this blog and have your input via comments or via our Facebook page.

We look forward to showing you Spintires as it grows to a full game and we thank you for your continued support!

Maz 535

A small milestone has almost been reached, the Maz 535 truck model has been completed and it sits nicely next to the Kraz 255B truck. Over the next few weeks we will be working on the main variation that will appear in-game, which is the covered rear platform so that it can carry smaller loads.

Here is a picture, the model is 18,000 poly:

Who would like a high-resolution version for a desktop picture?